H.E.A.T Fitness Program


The HEAT Program is the Hockey Alberta Elite Officials Athletic Training program. The programs focus is to provide you with a plan to maximize your off-ice fitness, nutrition, habits and mindset to make you the best official possible! Working in collaboration with Slimm Fitness we look forward to you joining us in helping to make you the best official possible both on and off the ice! Sign up by September 15 to secure your spot, program will begin October 1.

What will HEAT Deliver:

  1. A fitness program that is workable in both home and gym settings, designed to make you faster and more agile

  2. A general nutrition plan designed to educate you on what you need as a high performing official. The plan will also include suggested recipes to maximize performance

  3. A phone app where you can ask questions, provide feedback and get answers immediately via email and/or a closed Facebook group

  4. Mindset & habit coaching. This will include the importance of sleep, hydration and tips around healthy snacking

If you have any questions, please contact Justin Slimm at [email protected]