Central Cancelled Games Policy

Cancelled Games - Calgary

Effective December 19, 2017 the following policy is in force:

To reimburse officials when games are cancelled, in Calgary, with less than 2 hours noticed (officials have arrived at the arena to find no game) with the full game fee. If more than 2 hours’ notice is received then each official would be entitled to $15 to compensate for their incurred costs (travel). It is the official’s responsibility to notify the assignor within 24 hours of the cancelled game to be entitled to compensation under this policy.

In order to administer the policy, the Executive has implemented the following which will be effective December 19, 2017 and going forward.
  1. In most instances, the assignors will advise the officials that the game has been cancelled. If the officials go to the rink and find that there is no game, one member of the crew will advise the assignors that there are no teams for the game.
  2. The assignor will advise the Treasurer of all cancelled games, including the game time, location, officials and provide information as to when the notification of cancellation was received.
  3. The Treasurer will facilitate payment based on the policy and payment will be part of the regular monthly referee payment and will be shown as Miscellaneous. Officials will be able to review Goalline and see a brief description of the payment.
  4. The policy is only with regard to games under the jurisdiction of Hockey Calgary. All other leagues will be assessed game fee (when possible) for all games not cancelled within 24 hours of the game time and officials will receive regular payment for those games (when possible).