Central Region Awards

George Look Memorial Award

Presented annually to an individual in, or who has been in, the Region who best exemplifies the high standards of continued dedication and leadership to the community and a willingness to work with his peers. It is given in the memory of George R. Look who was a member of the Referee’s Committee and our Zone at the time of his death. George was killed performing his duty as a City of Calgary firefighter on New Years Eve 1980, while working a shift for a fellow firefighter so that the friend could be with his family on that holiday evening. George Look also exhibited this kind of service and dedication to our Zone and to the Referee’s Committee. A Committee will be struck annually by the Executive, to be chaired by the most recent recipient, and its members will include as many of the past recipients as are available along with representation from the General Membership as deemed necessary.

2017 Corey Halford
2016 Ross Wylie 2015 Doug Brown 2014 Karen Kane
2013 Mark MacIssac 2012 Dave Brotherton 2011 Darrell Martindale
2010 Scott McNabb 2009 Jason Clark 2008 Don Roberts
2007 John Blake 2006 Kendall Waiting 2005 Rob Archambault
2004 Dave Routledge 2003 Rick Davidson 2002 Burke Wilson
2001 Dave Shaw 2000 No Selection 1999 Todd Anderson
1998 Mike Gillett 1997 Al Peterson 1996 Chuck Doughty
1995 Dave Descent 1994 Gord Lee 1993 Dan Duffy
1992 Dave Ganley 1991 John Bright 1990 Gerry Befus
1989 Wayne Krausnick 1988 James Stuart 1987 Gary Groves
1986 Lawrence Feary 1985 Barry Brown 1984 Jim Curr
1983 Jim Beckman 1982 Rick Bracko 1981 Doug Mcdougall

Brian Paulichuk Memorial Award

The Central Zone Referee’s Committee and the Paulichuck family present the Brian Paulichuck Memorial Award annually to a member of the Zone who shows great potential and judgement in his/her skills as a Referee and Linesman. Brian Paulichuck was a member of our Zone who himself showed these qualities and had a strong desire to work hard game in and game out, until his death in 1988. The recipient will be chosen by the Executive annually based on all information received through the supervision program and all other means of identifying this official.

2017 Michael Stinn 2016 Colby Georgson 2015 Przemek Iwaniec
2014 Mason Stewart 2013 Brendan Balagus 2012 Chance Sundquist
2011 Cody Pollock 2010 Reid Anderson 2009 Kevin Webinger
2008 Geoff Da Silva 2007 Ryan Bonnett 2006 Nick Yaskiw
2005 Russ Berdusco 2004 Devon Briceland 2003 Jeff Jobson
2002 Brad Hunt 2001 Dan Cowley 2000 Ryan Thompson

Marian Lester Memorial Award

The Marian Lester Memorial Award is presented annually to an individual who has shown outstanding dedication to officiating minor hockey in the Central Region. The recipient must have gone beyond the normal call of duty in assisting the assignors whenever possible (i.e. repeatedly accepting games on short notice), must be a member in good standing, with no disciplinary issues during the season in question, and have assisted with the supervision program, where possible. The award is presented in memory of Marian Lester, a long-time assignor of Minor Hockey, who passed away in 1999. The recipient is chosen annually by the Assignors.

2016-17 Chris Lopes &and Lisa Walters
2015-16 Brent Tort
2014-15 Ian Calverley

Al Peterson Memorial Award

The Central Zone Referee’s Committee presents the Al Peterson Memorial Award annually to the Zone’s Most Improved official. The official who has shown the most improvement within their officiating caliber of hockey. This is not necessarily your best official but the one who has progressed the most through their attendance at clinics/seminars and their on-ice efforts. The award is presented in memory of Al Peterson, a long-time supervisor of Hockey for the Central Zone Referees Committee, who passed away in 2008. The recipient will be chosen by the Executive annually based on all information received through the supervision program and all other means of identifying this official.

2016-17 Trevor Tracey
2015-16 Corrie Colter
2014-15 Todd Layton

Supervision Award

This award will be given to the official, either active on non-active, who best dedicates themselves to the betterment of other officials through supervisions.
Considerations will be:
- number of supervisions
- quality of supervisions, and
- the readiness to do supervisions upon the request of the supervisions director.

2016-17 Sandy Kaine, Colby Georgsen, and Derek Bandstra
2015-16 Greg Cole
2014-15 Scott McNabb and Chris Bruce

Ian Anderson Memorial Award (Hockey Calgary Community Official of the Year Award)

This award is given by Hockey Calgary.

2017-18 Logan Parsons
2016-17 Matthew Bacon
2015-16 Peter Bugler
2014-15 Rhys Hoshizaki

City, Community, Rural Region Awards

Region Awards are made to someone who has made a significant contribution to the Region and its operation over the years.

City Award
2016-17 Mykle Davidson
2015-16 Chris Bruce
2014-15 Geoff DaSilva

Rural Award
2016-17 Brandon Renner
2015-16 Dave Coles
2014-15 Corey Halford

Community Award
2016-17 Ian Calverley
2015-16 Laurie Rutherford
2014-15 Sean Brett