Newsletter North

September 19, 2020


Hello Everyone:

I hope everyone has had a safe and quiet summer. With Hockey Canada announcing that all sanctioned hockey in the country was to end on Friday March 13 due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, things came to a quick end. It has been an interesting 7 months since then and I am sure we are all anxiously awaiting news as to what will happen this fall and when will hockey start again. Hockey Alberta has released a return to Hockey document with some important information for the upcoming season. Here is link to the return to hockey plan on the Hockey Alberta website.

Clinics have started for the level 3-6 officials and we plan on offering 5 or 6 clinics of these clinics so we can have all level 3-6 officials registered before Oct. 5th. We will be holding the clinics virtually using the program zoom. We are planning to host Level 1 and 2 clinics after the Thanksgiving Day weekend. We are hoping that we can host in person clinics, but I realize that we may have to change things to make it work due to Alberta health services, Jurisdictions and any facilities rules and regulations. All officials will have to complete a clinic before they can officiate Hockey Alberta sanctioned games this season. In addition, all Officials will be required and encouraged to complete the Hockey Canada – Hockey University Planning a Safe Return to Hockey online module immediately. This module is free and accessed under your eHockey account that you use to register for an officiating clinic. As we receive more information, we will post it to the website.

We had to cancel our annual general meeting and awards presentation as well as the north region golf tournament due to the pandemic. We are planning to have our awards presentation at the first general meeting in October so I hope everyone can attend. Please check on the website for the date, with Covid-19 restrictions on gatherings and with physical distancing, we may have to postpone the meeting to a later date.

I would like to thank all the Volunteers that helped the officiating program this past season, (Supervisors, RIC’s, Assignors, Coordinators etc.) I would also like to thank the North Region Executive for all their help, dedication, hard work and commitment to the North region officiating program.


I hope everyone has a great season and hopefully we will be back on the ice soon.


Thank you and Stay Safe

Herman Costa

North Region Coordinator



 Duncan McDougall Award

For outstanding service and commitment to the North Region Referee Committee and is least recognized.

Steffen Shaigec:

Steffen is currently a level 3 official in the North Region who works as a Junior B/Midget AAA referee including at last year’s Mac’s tournament in Calgary. He has worked many games in provincial tournaments and attended the AJHL Elite camp in Red Deer in 2018 and Development camp in 2019. He is currently the Senior assignor for Bantam AAA and Bantam Prep. He was also the co-winner of the Colin Hackett Scholarship in 2020. He is in his final year at McEwan working towards a Bachelor of Science Degree.

Chairman’s Award

For dedication and commitment to minor hockey in the North Region

 Bob Broomhall:

 I coached my son and daughter in Hockey and Ringette for many years, and then was the Director for Midget and Junior C hockey for Calgary NEZ for a few more.

In 1984, I took on a job that involved a lot of travel such that I could no longer make a commitment to coaching. Wanting to stay connected to the game, in 1985 while living in Calgary I went to the dark side and took a referee clinic and went on to register and referee in Calgary for one year.

In 1986 I moved to Edmonton. Living in the west-end, I contacted Duncan MacDougall and started to referee for the Edmonton NWZ. At some point, I also landed up on the KC list. I officiated in Edmonton at the Novice Atom levels at first and then to Peewee and Bantam. I officiated here for four years.

In 1990 I was transferred to Ottawa. While in Ottawa, I progressed to working House League Bantam Midget and Junior C for Kanata Minor Hockey and Bantam AA and Midget AA for Ottawa and District Minor Hockey (ODMHA). It was at this time that I attained my level 3 certification which I still maintain.

In 1994 I moved back to Edmonton. I made the decision at that time that I would not take a spot away from younger officials and no longer work in the “A-program”. I once again contacted Duncan MacDougall and right away started working Bantam and Midget in the EFCL mainly as a caller, and some Junior C as a linesman.

Upon my retirement in early 2006, things started to heat up.

· In the fall of 2006, I took on the job of assigning officials for Peewee and Bantam for NWZ.

· Also, in 2006, I took on the job of co-ordinating the supervision program for NWZ.

· The next year 2007, the EFHL decided to go to the RAMP Assigning system. With my computer background, I was asked to become one of the system administrators.

· In 2008 I became a clinic instructor.

· In 2014 I took on the job of managing the clinic kits and clinic supplies.

Mike Bugaida Award

To a female for outstanding dedication to the North Region

 Carmen Boccanfuso:

 Carmen has been officiating in Alberta for 6 years working CIS and Midget AAA as a referee but her favorite level to officiate is Atom. She has been on the ice with Canadian Olympic team as well. She spends a lot of time doing off ice training to increase her strength, speed and endurance. She is a high school teacher, so she gets to ref some of her students which is fun too.

George McCorry Award

For dedication to the North Region Senior Program

Colin Watt:

Colin started officiating in the 2000/01 season, and immediately fell in love with it. After several years of officiating as many games as he possibly could, Colin achieved his Level 6 certification in 2012 and has been fortunate enough to have worked 6 national championship tournaments at various levels, as well as to have refereed in the WHL for 10 seasons. Off the ice, Colin has been a member of the North Region executive for over 10 years, sitting on various committees in that time. In addition to his Vice Chairman role within the North Region, Colin has also been the the Provincial Male Development Coordinator for the past 2 seasons. He has previously been chosen as the winner of the Duncan MacDougall award, the Ron Panchyshyn award, and the Chairman’s award within the North Region.

 Ron Panchyshyn Award

For Outstanding dedication to the North Region Referee Committee:

Chris Rebus:

Chris started officiating in 2006 following in his father’s footsteps and joined the North Region Executive in 2013 as a director. He has held many different roles since then including Supervisions, Rural Development and Treasurer. Most recently he has become the Minor Committee Chair for the North Region. Chris is also an instructor with Hockey Alberta working with not only the beginner officials but also the senior officials to make us all better in our craft. Chris is currently a Level 5 official and works U Sport, ACAC and the AJHL.

Supervision Award

For outstanding service to the North Region Supervision Program

Shelley Knowlton:

Shelley started officiating way back in 1997. She made the leap to becoming an official after spending, what she believed to be, way too much time in the penalty box for “unjust” calls while playing Tier 1 Ladies hockey after making the switch from the male to female game. Since then, she has been lucky enough to officiate in St. Albert which gave her access to every level from Novice to Junior B on the male side and in Edmonton (senior female). She is a level 4 and still skates in the female program, which includes Canada West and ACAC in Edmonton and Calgary, on a regular basis. She has been lucky enough to work several Team Canada and CWHL games (one in Shenzhen, China in the 18/19 season). She has three children, Kylee (18), Chiara (17), and Nash (15), who are products of their environment and have been officiating for a few years now.

She was lucky enough to receive plenty of supervisions over the years which made her the official she is today. That process is not lost on her, so she tries to do at least 20 supervision each season. She feels extremely fortunate to be a small part of a great organization within the officiating community in St. Albert. Great leaders create a positive culture and in turn, a willingness from those involved to step up and give back. She has been privileged to learn with the likes of Joe Becigneul, Arron Best, Dean Ziegler, Derek Herman, Karen Kost, Lacey Senuk (and others) who’s desired to build something better was infectious. Mentorships and Supervisions are the most effective tool we have, to assist officials in their development no matter what level of hockey they skate. The gift of time goes a long way! She loves being a part of the officiating community and assisting in creating the next generation of great officials in the North Region.

Hockey Alberta Award

For Dedication to the North Region

Taylor Burzminski:

Taylor has been an official for 12 years and is an original SAMHA official and is still involved with the development of St Albert officials. Currently he is a level 5 official refereeing in the WHL, USPORT, AJHL and ACAC. He is currently the Midget AAA Liason and Male Development Coordinator for the North Region.

Hockey Alberta Award

For Dedication to the North Region

Chris Despot:

Chris has been an official for 26 years with the last 4 in the North Region. He was the President of the Grande Prairie Referee Association for 4 years and sat on the Peace Zone’s Executive for 15 years. He moved to Edmonton in 2016 and immediately sat on the North Region Executive that year as the Lead Supervision Co-ordinator and held that position for 2 years. This past season he moved into the role of Awards/Rewards and Scholarships. Chris is still active on the ice working as a linesman in Junior B, ACAC Female and CIS Female and also helping out wherever he can in the minor program. He won this award for the Peace Zone in 2012 as well.

Hockey Alberta Award

For Dedication to the North Region

Deion Foster:

Deion has been a part of the North Zone for the past 8 seasons. He moved to Edmonton in 2012 from Lloydminster where he had started his officiating career in 2007. Since moving to the North Zone, Deion has continually been involved in helping out. He started out with instructing clinics and working with the Female program as a senior assignor. He has also been the MAAA liaison for 2 seasons. Currently, he is the referee assignor for the Senior Program. On a provincial level, he has helped as an instructor with the Hockey Alberta Officials Development Camp for the past 3 summers.

On the ice, Deion currently works as a linesman in the WHL, U-SPORTS, AJHL, Senior AAA and a referee in Jr. B. He has been in the WHL for the past 5 seasons and worked the League Finals in 2019. He was also selected to work the USPORTS Nationals in Lethbridge and the National Jr. A Championship in Brooks in 2019.



I hope this finds everybody and their families healthy and doing well. I was asked to share a little bit about my first NHL season. There are so many things to share, these are a few highlights. 

First, my time officiating in the North Zone was so important for me to learn and develop as an official. In particular, James Sharun in Leduc provided me the opportunity to start working games, and guided me as I started to move up. I really appreciate what he and so many others were able to do for me. 
If there is something I could pass on from my experience it’s that every game is an opportunity to improve, as well as to learn something, regardless what the level is. Whenever I had a supervision it was an exciting opportunity to hear feedback from someone who has a different viewpoint on the game, and I always appreciated what a supervisor had to offer. It is also so very valuable to learn from the people you are working with. The best development opportunities I had came from talking about the game and different situations with my partner and that nights crew. I feel I learned something from every game I worked, and from everyone that I worked with. It is something that definitely has continued at the NHL level. Many conversations before and after the game are centred around past situations and games, and everyone is constantly wanting to learn and improve.  
Overall I can’t thank everyone in the North Zone enough for what they did to help me, as without them I wouldn’t be fortunate enough to be where I am today

Here are some of my favourite moments from the 2019/2020 season. 

First NHL game:

My first game came unexpectedly early in the season. When assignments first came out I was scheduled to work my first NHL game on October 20th in Winnipeg. This seemed great as it was going to be an easy trip for my family to make and attend the game. As it turned out, due to an injury on staff, my first game was on October 3 - Arizona at Anaheim for the Ducks home opener. A moment and game that I’ll obviously never forget. The quirky part to this was as desirable as Southern California is, the late change to the assignment prevented anyone from being able to make the trip to watch the game. My family still kept their travel plans to Winnipeg and we celebrated there as planed, just ended up being for my fifth game instead of the first. 

Best goals:

There is definitely no shortage of great plays every game in today’s NHL. Being on the ice with the best players in the world is special every night. Two goals from games I worked in 2019/20 stand out in my mind. 
October 31, Calgary at Nashville - after tying the game late to send it to overtime, Matthew Tkatchuk scored the winner with only a second left on the clock, shooting it between his legs. 
January 6, Edmonton at Toronto - I’m sure everyone has seen McDavid’s goal from that night, not just from games I worked, it’s obviously one of the best highlights of the year. 

Battle of Alberta:

January 11, Edmonton at Calgary. Again, I’m sure everyone has seen the highlights from this game, so no explanation necessary. Right from puck drop one of the best atmospheres I’ve ever seen, and the energy in the building kept growing as the night went on. Working a battle of Alberta on a Saturday night was special, and it was definitely a game to remember as it re-sparked a great rivalry.   

Sedin Jersey Retirement:

Just as all of you, I’ve always been a fan of the game. Being in Vancouver the night the careers of Daniel and Henrik Sedin were celebrated was definitely special. 

I was in Chicago on March 11th when we shut down due to COVID-19, which turned out to be my last game of the season. Overall I was fortunate to skate in 28 of 31 buildings in the league, and work alongside a great staff of officials who were all welcoming and high quality people. Now, most importantly I hope everyone and their families are safe and healthy. I’m looking forward to watching playoff hockey, and hopefully we will all be back on the ice again soon for the 2020/21 hockey season. 

All the best,

Travis Toomey 


If you have any officiating related questions, the best place to start is the Hockey Alberta Officials Website. The website includes general information of importance to all officials, as well as a section with information specific to the North Region. You can access the Officials website at the link below, or through the Officials tab at If you have a question for the North Region executive, click the link below to go to the Executive List:





Newsletter North

February 10, 2020


Hello everyone:

With all the changes that are coming for next season’s Clinic program, the North Region Executive Committee has decided to open the reclassification program for all eligible Level 2 officials to reclass to Level 3 until February 28. One of the changes that will be implemented next clinic season is that all Level 3, 4, 5 and 6 officials will be eligible to attend a half-day clinic. More information will be coming as details on the changes are finalized.

If you are interested in reclassifying this season for the 2020-21 officiating season, here is the link with all the requirements and procedures you must follow. Deadline to apply is February 28:


Requirements to Reclassify from Level II to Level III:

  • Apply in writing to the Supervision Coordinator before February 28.
  • Be supervised by a Level III official calling at least a Midget hockey game in a three-man system.
  • Work as a linesman for senior hockey.
  • Complete all required supervisions on other officials prior to the end of the season in which you are applying.
  • Achieve 80% on officiating exam.

Herman Costa,
Officials Committee Coordinator, North Region



The North Region Female Mini Development Camp was held on Saturday, January 25 at NAIT and included the group watching an ACAC game together. There were a total of 13 participants from as far away as Olds, four guest speakers (Shelley Knowlton, Chris Despot, Tracie Kikuchi, and Michelle Gariepy), and lead instructor Carmen Boccanfuso. The participants got to meet the officials working the game - Suzanne Sawatski, Shawna Jaeger, and Despot.


This was by far the best experience of my officiating career to date. Getting the call to go to a tournament all Canadians grow up watching at Christmas time was a dream come true, and getting to go with two of my good friends Mike Campbell from Vancouver and Chad Huseby from Red Deer made it even better.

We had to depart a few days before Christmas which made it a very weird Christmas season. We arrived in Ostrava on December 24 and had two days of meetings prior to the tournament starting. As an officiating team we had a nice Christmas dinner, and had a fun gift exchange as some team bonding.

The next morning, Boxing Day, the tournament started, and I got to work the first game of the tournament between the host Czech Republic and Russia. It was an amazing game. Something I had yet to experience with the European fans and the atmosphere that they create.

I went on to work six games throughout the tournament including a quarter and a semi final as well as the absolute highlight of my career, the bronze medal game between Sweden and Finland, with my two good friends and the two other Canadians. I got to meet 19 other officials from across the world, and it’s safe to say I have 19 new friends from the officiating community.

I would like to thank the North Region, Hockey Alberta and Hockey Canada for the opportunity to represent them on this stage, certainly a trip I will remember for the rest of my life. I’d also like to thank my wife, and family for all the support and being so understanding of my officiating career.


It’s the most thankless job in sports, but AJHL referee Colin Watt is motivated by the challenges that come with wearing the stripes.


I was honoured to referee at this year’s tournament and received the gold medal assignment held at the Saddledome. It was truly amazing to skate and work the games of such a great group of aspiring hockey players as well as other officials nationwide.

Other officials from across the province of Alberta as well as a couple from Ontario officiated this tournament. Meeting other officials from different zones was definitely one of my greatest experiences at the Mac’s Tournament. Officiating is a team sport just as the players would consider their team to be. Although we were all from different areas of the province and country, it did not take long to establish a good team bond amongst each other as to which I would call a brotherhood. Each game we would learn off of each other and pick our brains as to really excel and learn for the future. 

Every game being supervised by supervisors who are experienced, elite veteran referees and linesman who have worked in levels in which we as officials at the Mac’s aspire to obtain in our officiating careers. They were all very helpful and gave great feedback in an effort to enhance everyone’s game performance. The three officials who performed best in the quarter finals were then picked for the Gold Medal final. As the teams fought harder throughout the round robin and in playoffs, so did we as officials. 

The Gold Medal game was an experience I will never forget. Myself, Antoine Bujold-Roux (Ontario), and Keegan Lane (Lloydminster) were selected together to skate at the Saddledome. Personally, I have never skated a high caliber game on professional ice before, which was already a great experience and an even better reward. The game went really well and was the best game I had officiated in the tournament by far. It was amazing to see how many spectators and fans that had come out to watch the game as well. It really made the game feel more rewarding and important. We were truly honoured that the tournament’s officiating committee selected us to work the game, as this was probably the best assignment the three of us have received thus far in our officiating careers. 



The Edmonton Invitational Bantam Tournament of Champions is providing the North Region with a $1000 Scholarship to be awarded to an official who officiated at the Bantam Level this season. Full details and applicant criteria are available at the North Region website.



Applications are being accepted until March 1 for the Colin Hackett Award. Criteria includes attending a post-secondary institution on a full-time basis, and serving as a volunteer leader/mentor for officials. Full details and application are available on the North Region webpage:



Applications are being accepted until April 1 for the Hockey Alberta Referee Council Scholarship. Criteria include attending a post-secondary institution on a full-time basis, on-ice ability and off-ice contribution to the official’s Region. For details are available at the Hockey Alberta Officials Website:




For Junior Officials

Rule 9.8(c) Throwing Stick or Object

A minor penalty for throwing a Stick/Object (as applicable) shall be assessed any player who deliberately throws his stick or any part thereof or any other object in any zone, but not at the puck or puck carrier.

For Senior Officials

Rule 6.7(a), Situations 8, 13 and 14.  A22 is the instigator and the aggressor in a fight. Before being escorted off the ice, he gets away from the linesman and becomes the instigator and aggressor in another fight. What penalties are assessed to A22?

A22 is assessed 2 for instigating plus 2 for aggressor plus 5 + GM for fighting for the first fight, plus 2 for instigating plus 2 for aggressor plus 5 + GM for fighting for the second fight, plus a GM for taking part in a second fight on the same stoppage of play


The 2020 Hockey Alberta Officials North Region Open golf tournament  will be held June 13 at Coal Creek Golf Resort near Ryley. The event includes a shotgun start at 2 pm and registration fee is $120. Included with your entry:

  • Charter bus to a pickup location in North and South Edmonton
  • 18 holes of golf with power cart
  • Steak dinner following the round
  • Door prizes



The 56th edition of Minor Hockey Week in Edmonton was held January 10-19. Thank you everyone who participated in the tournament as an official. 857 games are played in Edmonton, St. Albert and Sherwood Park and these games involve 640 teams. There were 1,466 assignments in Edmonton, 217 assignments in St. Albert and 168 assignments in Sherwood Park. The estimated value of these assignments is $45,000. 53 finals were played.

In the non-Female finals of which there were 49 games, 111 officials were assigned and for the first time in many, many years, all 111 officials showed and completed their assignments in the finals. During the tournament in Edmonton, 407 officials worked games with the average being 3.6 games per official.  The tournament leader was Leland Cannon who officiated 13 games. Rounding out the top nine were Thomas Nguyen, Terry Sidorchuk and Jim Williamson each with 12 games, Shawn Innes with 11 games, and Aiden Filipchuk, Lance Hyndman, Ryan Peterson, and Jacob Russell each with 10 games.

Quikcard Edmonton Minor Hockey Week will again distribute 100 Referee Recognition jackets.  Officials receiving a jacket will be selected by random draw and the jackets will be distributed in late March and in April.

A highlight of Minor Hockey Week was three generations of members of one family working a game. The achievement was featured on CTV Edmonton Sports. The story can be found on the Officials Website Newsfeed:



If you have any officiating related questions, the best place to start is the Hockey Alberta Officials Website. The website includes general information of importance to all officials, as well as a section with information specific to the North Region. You can access the Officials website at the link below, or through the Officials tab at If you have a question for the North Region executive, click the link below to go to the Executive List:





Newsletter North

December 12, 2019


Hello everyone:

If you are looking to apply for reclassification this season for the 2020-21 officiating season, you must submit your application form to the North Region by no later than December 31. You can review all the requirements and procedures on the Hockey Alberta Officials website:


Herman Costa,
Officials Committee Coordinator, North Region




U18 nationals is the first step for female hockey players before the National Women’s Development Team or Nationals Women’s Team. For female officials, this is one of the first opportunities to compete nationally (along with the Esso Cup and Canada Winter Games) and is a stepping stone for selection to IIHF events. 

This year the event was co-hosted by Winkler and Morden, Manitoba. Officials from across the country were selected for this year’s championship. Alberta was represented by three Level 3 officials: Suzanne Sawatski (referee, North Region), Megan French (lines, North Region) and Mikala Brown (lines, North East Region). Other officials came from BC, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec. Megan worked a semi-final and the bronze medal game, and I skated the placement game for 7th place.

This was my first national tournament as a referee (I attended the 2016 U18 Nationals as lines). It was a fantastic experience and a great development opportunity. It was great to get feedback from the supervisors about things to work on and that I can apply to improve. Overall, it was an amazing experience. I hope to continue developing as an official and get the chance for more assignments in the future. I am grateful for the opportunity and the feedback provided by the supervisors at the tournament.  



North Region official Fraser Lawrence has been selected to referee at the 2020 IIHF World Junior Championship in Ostrava and Trinec, Czech Republic. Fraser started officiating in Northwest Edmonton in 2001, gradually climbing the ladder to this great accomplishment. Fraser has always striven to be the best referee he can be, spending countless hours studying game tape and discussing game situations with his peers. Other highlights of Fraser’s officiating career include attaining his Level 6 certification in 2013 and being selected for several national and international tournaments, as well as refereeing the WHL championship series in 2019. Congratulations Fraser!! 



The Hockey Alberta Officials Development Program is open to female and male officials 18-30 years of age. Officials should have some level of experience both as a referee and as a linesman in high-level U16 male hockey.

Applicants will be assessed by the Hockey Alberta Officials Development Coordinator and committee based on experience, merit and regional recommendation. Thirty-six officials from across the province will be invited to participate in one of three Regional Development Camps, which run March 27-29 in Calgary, Red Deer, and Spruce Grove. At the Regional Development Camps, officials are subject to on-ice testing and supervision in game situations, as well as a classroom session where an SRD exam is written. Officials are evaluated on all aspects of the camp including physical testing, in-game evaluation, attitude, and participation. 

Nine officials will be selected from the Regional Development Camps to officiate the Alberta Cup, which runs April 29-May 3 in Red Deer. Sixteen officials will be selected from the Regional Development Camps to attend Hockey Alberta Officials Development Camp which runs in conjunction with the Team Alberta U16 Male Summer Development Camp in early July. 


St. Albert had a great start to the 2019-20 season beginning in August with the Raider Midget AAA and Bantam AAA tryouts and intrasquad games. We always use this beginning of the season opportunity to look at some of our up and coming officials with the intent of moving people up if they show us they are ready.

Our Beginner Clinic was held in late September and we trained 20 new St. Albert officials. In addition, we ran a clinic over a six-week period in conjunction with the St. Albert Sports Academy through the school division and we were able to acquire an additional 10 new officials. Another four officials took their beginner clinic in other centres giving St. Albert a pool of 33 new officials this season. Every new official has had a minimum of two games so far with a few of them approaching 8 or 9 games, all based on their availability. Six of the officials have even had the opportunity to work a full-ice Atom game. In every game they have worked so far, we have had a shadow on the ice with them, or a supervisor in the penalty box area.

We have held three monthly skates so far. We do 90 minutes on-ice with our officials on the second Tuesday of every month. There are skating and positioning drills and they even practice their puck drop. We have had a few guests from Fort Saskatchewan and Onoway and we welcome anyone who wants to join us. Our next skate is December 10 at Mark Messier Arena at Servus Place starting at 6:45 pm. Our January Referee Skate is January 21, due to the Quikcard Edmonton Minor Hockey Week Tournament.

On the Senior side, we are gearing up for the John Reid Bantam AAA Memorial tournament by looking at all the officials we have identified for the tournament and we will be getting together next week to select the crews who will represent St. Albert at this year’s tournament. 






(Click the image to review Safe Travel Tips)


The 56th edition of Minor Hockey Week in Edmonton runs January 10-19. The original objectives of the tournament were to let as many teams as possible have an indoor game – virtually all hockey in Edmonton was played on outdoor ice at the time – and to allow teams from one area in the city to play teams in other areas of the city. All Hockey Edmonton teams from Novice to Junior, including the AA club teams, played in the tournament. As is still the case all games had to have a winner and every team was guaranteed two games. For many players this tournament will be the highlight of their season and in many cases may create lifetime memories.

The tournament was run entirely by volunteers and this included the referees.  While the 2020 tournament will not be entirely run by volunteers, the referees will again be volunteers. All those referees who volunteer some time are to be commended for their contribution, which is significant. Enjoy the emotion and intensity which is often a key component of many games. Thank you for making the tournament the success that it is.



This penalty involves a player/team official being physically abusive and/or threatening to our officials. In the highly unlikely chance it happens to you, we want to be sure you know what to do. Know that you have the support of your referee association.  We have a process for you to follow so we can ensure that these penalties result in proper sanctions to offenders.

There are 3 individual parts to this rule.

  • Rule 9.6(a): Any player or team official who threatens or attempts to strike a Referee, Linesman or any Off-ice Official before, during or after a game shall be assessed a Match penalty and shall be reported to the President by the Referee.
  • Rule 9.6(b): Any player or team official who intentionally touches, holds or pushes a Referee, Linesman or Off-ice Official before, during or after a game shall be assessed a Match penalty and shall be reported to the President by the Referee.
  • Rule 9.6(c): Any player or team official who deliberately strikes, trips or body checks a Referee, Linesman or Off-ice Official before, during or after a game shall be assessed a Match penalty and shall be reported to the President by the Referee. Such player or team official may be suspended for one year or more.




If you have any officiating related questions, the best place to start is the Hockey Alberta Officials Website. The website includes general information of importance to all officials, as well as a section with information specific to the North Region. You can access the Officials website at the link below, or through the Officials tab at If you have a question for the North Region executive, click the link below to go to the Executive List:




Newsletter North

November 21, 2019


Hello and welcome to the 2019-20 hockey season. With the season in full swing, I would like to welcome all new and returning officials to another exciting season of officiating.

There have been a lot of changes in the past couple of years and we will continue to see more changes as we move forward. To find information on what’s happening in the North Region, as well as see who is on the North Region executive please go to our new website, which is now part of the new Hockey Alberta Officials website. For North Region officials, go to the North Region link under Officials Regions to see what’s going on in this region.



I would like to thank all the clinic Instructors, RICs, volunteers as well as the North Region executive for their dedication and commitment to the North Region officiating program.

I hope everyone has a great officiating experience this season and I hope to see you at the General meetings.

Herman Costa,
Officials Committee Coordinator, North Region





Brian MacDonald began officiating in 2005 in Wetaskiwin, joining the elite stream of officiating in 2016 when he moved to Edmonton to finish his schooling. Brian attended the North Region ID camp in 2016 and 2017, and was selected to attend the Alberta Cup in Canmore in 2017. From there, Brian attended the Hockey Alberta Development camp that summer, and then made the step to the next level as he was hired by the WHL in 2018 as a full time referee. This season, Brian was selected to attend OPOE, which was held in Abbotsford BC in October. With OPOE under his belt, Brian is eligible to referee the World U17 Challenge, as well as more WHL opportunities, and NHL and IIHF exposure. Brian would like to thank Wetaskiwin Minor Hockey Association, Don Buskas and Dan Anderson for their contributions to his officiating career.



Brayden Arcand started officiating in 2003 when he was 13 years old, and worked most of his games in Morinville until 2013. After attending the North Region ID Camp twice, Brayden advanced to the Hockey Alberta Development Camp in 2013, and received the Most Promising Official award. Brayden then took his officiating to the next level. He attended OPOE in 2015 and earned his Level 4 with Hockey Canada. He refereed the 2016 WHL Cup, and then was hired by the WHL the following season as a full time Referee. Brayden didn’t stop there, attaining his Level 5 with Hockey Canada in 2017 and attending the U17 Hockey Challenge in Dawson Creek, where he officiated the Bronze Medal game. Brayden has continued to elevate his game the past two years. He attended the 2018 CHL/NHL Camp and in 2019 refereed the CHL Top Prospects Game. This month, November 13-17, Brayden attended the Hockey Canada Level 6 camp in Montreal. Brayden’s goal is to receive more national assignments as well as his IIHF licensing. Brayden would like to thank the North Region, Morinville Minor Hockey Association and a special thanks to Ken Dentzien for helping him become the official he is today.



Check out this story that appeared in the Jasper Fitzhugh on officiating in the community, and the clinic offered by Dean Ziegler. Click on the image to access the story.



  • November 26 (7:45-8:45 pm) @ Clareview B
  • December 10 (7:00-8:00 pm) @ Terwillegar C
  • January 21 (7:00-8:00 pm) @ Callingwood A


Nov. 23


Sherwood Park

Junior/ Junior Youth/ Adult

Salisbury High School

Lee Varley

[email protected]



If you have any officiating related questions, the best place to start is the Hockey Alberta Officials Website. The website includes general information of importance to all officials, as well as a section with information specific to the North Region. You can access the Officials website at the link below, or through the Officials tab at If you have a question for the North Region executive, click the link below to go to the Executive List: