James Babenek


Email: [email protected]





Years officiating

Total of 14 years


Development Coordinator

What is your position’s role within the region?

I share my role within the zone with Kelly Pauls. Our role has a few objectives, one is to seek out young officials that show potential to excel within the sport. Then we try and give those officials some opportunities they may not come across. Part of that is trying to help officials gain the confidence on the ice through supervisions and support. We have many unique opportunities for both Male and Female officials. Many officials aren’t aware of the opportunities such as scholarships and travel opportunities to many different tournaments there are.

What is your career/job?

I am a Co-Owner and Manager at a Lloydminster oilfield service company.

What is your favourite part of officiating?
My favorite part of being an official is when I get to be a part of a great hockey game there is no better place to see a game.

Why/How did you become an official?
I started when I was playing Pee-Wee hockey and wanted to learn the rules better and earn some money.

What are your hobbies/past-times outside of hockey and officiating?

I like being outdoors fishing, snowmobiling, any thing to do with horses and Traveling.

What do you do to prepare for a game?
I like to arrive early enough to joke around and visit with my other officials. Then get half dressed and watch the warm up it’s kinda my time to get my head focused on the game.

What level of hockey do you officiate?
I have been lucky enough to call Sr and Jr B as well as all levels of minor hockey.

What are your goals for the 2019-2020 hockey season?
This season I hope to uncover a few new young officials looking to improve their game and hopefully help them improve their game.

What advice would you give to a new and or young official?
Have fun out their and if you ever have questions big or small anyone of the zone reps would be more than glad to help answer them. That’s what we are here for to help you.