Ryan Duffett


Development Email: [email protected]

RIC email: [email protected]



Years officiating

16 years




Supervision Coordinator

Hughenden RIC

What is your position’s role within the Northeast Region?

Supervisions are sent to me so I can keep track of how many supervisions each person has done/had done on them

What is your favourite part of officiating?

Getting a chance to share the game I love with players and fellow officials. I love to camaraderie that we share on the ice.

Why/how did you become an official?

Playing minor hockey, as a goalie, I was able to see the whole ice and interact with referees often. I also had a good hold on the rules of the game so it felt natural to ref.

What is your job/career?

Principal at Hughenden Public School.

What are your hobbies/past-times outside of hockey?

Anything sports related, fishing and hunting.

What do you do to prepare for a hockey game?

Show up 30-45 min before the game and chat with fellow officials. Listen to my body and warm up harder if I have to.

What level of hockey do you officiate?

Bantam, Midget, Jr. B and Sr.

What are your goals for the 2019/2020 hockey season?

Pass on the rules of the game to new officials and mentor them.

What advice would you give to a new or young official?

Don’t take everything negative you hear personally. Hockey is a passionate game and people get out of control at times- it isn’t because you’re doing a bad job; they may not have had the same angle.