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North Region Golf Tournament

The 2019 North Region Golf event will be held June 15 at the Athabasca Golf and Country Club, with a shotgun start at 1 pm. This event is open to all North Region members and guests. Price is $105 per golfer. Included with your entry:

  • Charter bus to a pickup location in North and South Edmonton
  • 18 holes of golf with power cart
  • Dinner following the round
  • Door prizes

Registration is a two-step process, and both steps must be completed for your registration to be accepted:

1. Register for the tournament by clicking the Register Here button and filling out the Registration Form. 


2. After registering, return to this page and click on the Pay Now button to go to PayPal, and pay for your entry. 

If you have any questions please email

North Region Coordinator: Stefan Brown

Vice-Chair: Colin Watt

Secretary: Sanjeev Bhagrath

Rural Development RIC: George Hart 

Social, Shadow, Awards/Rewards: Dennis Arski 

Clinic Coordinator: Dean Ziegler

Federation Rep: Duncan MacDougall

Hockey Alberta Zone Reps: Ken Dentzien (Zones 2 and 3), Colin Watt (Zone 7)

Hockey Edmonton Rep (Zone 8): Herman Costa

Senior Referee Assignor: Deion Foster

Senior Lines Assignor: Sanjeev Bhagrath

Female Coordinator: Jory Lutzmann

Match Penalty Coordinator: Scott Hennig 

Discipline Coordinator: TBD

Supervision Coordinator: Chris Despot

Provincials Coordinator: Ken Dentzien

League Supervisors: Mike Rebus (AJHL, CIS), Lance Hyndman (Capital Jr), Deion Foster (Midget AAA), Matt Rolfe (ACAC)

Website: Graham Bakay

Communication Coordinator: Darby Readman

Contact our development coordinator at At that time, an application form will be sent to you. The form will ask questions about your officiating career and require the official to obtain letters of reference. 

Officials are not responsible to have supervisions done on themselves before applying!

North Region Development Camp Participants (Bold denotes Development Camp Most Promising Official).

  • 2016: Mac Anderson, Cassandra Gregory, Greg Irish, Cody McElroy, Darby Readman
  • 2015: Dennis Arski, Joey Balko, Dallas Bozek, Taylor Burzminski, Leasure Forbes, Tyler Sawatski
  • 2014: Codey Brace, Craig Edhart, Jordan Ewaskiw, Kurtis Eykelbosh, Cole Feth, Devon Kohlhauser, Nolan Varley 
  • 2013: Brayden Arcand, Rob Cowan, Braxton Fox, Alex Homer, Kyle Hudon, Chris Rebus
  • 2012: Eric Bell, Kyle Brisebois, Jared Cummings, Jeff Howe, Geoff Klompas, Philip Yamkovy
  • 2011: Alex Becigneul, Steven Cousens, James Gregory, George Hart, Romus Lam, Brett McElroy
  • 2010: Stefan Brown, Chris Fox, Kyle Kowalski, Connor LaForge, Lucas Martin-Hudcec, Ryan Mason, Wiiliam Norton
  • 2009: Tyler Bentley, Jon Gaal, Tim Krueger, Fraser Lawrence, Peter Leveille, Ryan Novak, Kevin Ward
  • 2008: Jonathan Button, Shane Hoeber, Craig Husselby, Scott Knibbs, Jesse Rowe, Ryan Wass
  • 2007: Sanjeev Bhagrath, Greg Chornohus, Derek Crowley, Dave Duncan, Jared Mackey, Colin Watt, Corey Yestal
  • 2006: Brett Babkirk, Matt McFadyen, Tyler Olynyk
  • 2005: Darcy Carter, Jason Liber, Stephen Mardy, Curtis Marouelli, Brad Scott, Darren Spurgeon, Dustin Zelenak
  • 2004: Jeff Johnston, Paul Kreuger, Ryan Petryshyn, Larry Suchy, Scott Yadach
  • 2003: Trevor Davis, Blair Kreiner, Scott Sharun, Jonathan Spurgeon, Jason Theiss, Scott Tracy
  • 2002: Matt Albers, Blake Bradburn, Drandon Dombroski, Cory Kokotailo, Kris Liber, Doris Wyss
  • 2001: Chris Carlson, Jill Clulow, Shayne Davis, Nick Hennes, Dean Mumby, Marc Swerda, Dwayne Yakubow 
  • 2000: Ryan Agar, Chad Assmus, Mithc Carriere, Mark Charney, Scott Hennig, Shawn Lechky, Theresa Llorente, Kumail Moledina, Kirk Tremblay
  • 1999: Dan Coles, Blake Hamer, Curtis Howe, Trevor Hykaway, Denis Landry, Clay Lindsay, Warren McKay, Cory Moser, David Moulds, Dan Stephen
  • 1998: Bryce Cumming, Peter Duchnij, Greg Fuchs, Tim Homeniuk, Darrell Jenkins, Grant McFarlane, Jordan Robinson, Wade Rolfe, Tom Trottier
  • 1997: Shelley Coolidge, Darcy Cooper, Leigh Crockett, Craig DeCoursey, Jason Fuger, Ken Gibbs, Bryce Horbachewski, Justin Jutras, Chris Obacz, Ryan Slozka, Richard Tremblay
  • 1996: Kelly Castiday, Steve Cicchinni, Ian Elm, Brad Hoffman, Travis Kerr, Norm Lamother, Doug MacKay, Brian Maksymetz, Brian Morris, Fraser Neek, Mike Normandeau
  • 1995: Brendin Fletcher, Jason Caplette, Herman Costa, Keith Harkness, Carl Hoff, Lance Hyndman, Ross Peck, Norm Shaw, Bryce Young, Derek Zalaski
  • 1994: John Cannon, Dean Laschowski, Todd Pettinger, Richard Plante, Gerard Rajotee, Steve Rooke, Paul Schmidt, Kevin Skogstad
  • 1993: Jerry George, Derek Herman, Richard Iwaniuk, Brace Klein, Dave Lascelle, William Lauder, Phil Meagher, Jeff Nicholas, Warren Weir, Rob Zack
  • 1992: Chris Clarkson, Darryl Davis, Ken Dentzien, Greg Donnelly, Darren Gibbs, Rick Manysiak,  Jeff Michaud, Angie Mudry, John Simmons, Trevor Spaulding
  • 1991: Gary Bushnell, Guy Doucet, Rob Garth, Charles Lavallee, Dean Panas, Marc Roy, Darren Van Slyke, John Woodhouse, Preston Yachimec
  • 1990: Jim Armitstead, Ken Baird, Darrin Bauer, Dave Butler, Robert Eisenbart, Greg Kempin, Doug Paterson, Dwayne Smith, Marty Tignstad, Greg Williams
  • 1989: Kevin Acheson, Richard Derzaph, Alan Dumanceaux, Brent Keown, Michael Pankovich, Layne Wilson
  • 1988: Len Freeman, Barry Goertz, John Holden, Kevin Kowalski, Al Magan, Real Ouellett, Dan Pankovich, Ian Reynolds, Don Ryan, Mark Williams, Ken Zemanek
  • 1987: Glen Agnew, Claude Cauchon, Bryan Cox, Carter Cox, Roger Kramers, Gilbert Latreille, Mike Leggo, Ron Morgan, John Potter, Bob Schmidt, Darren Weeks
  • 1986: Ken Ames, Kerry Boston, Gary Hansen, Brian Horrocks, Randy Klym, Mike Ratusniak, Chris Ringstad, Darryl Schmidt, Darrel Shymanski, Kevin Weder, Chris Wild, Monty Wood
  • 1985: Roger Kolberg, Gord Mark, Jeordie Maxwell, Jim Pankovich, Leo Pilon, Bob Porter, John Publow, Mark Shaul, Miles Spencer, Todd Swerda, Michael Wasuita, Doug Wegner 

Hockey Alberta utilizes an online Supervision Form to help with the development and growth of on-ice officials. The form can be viewed by clicking the on the button below. The form is filled out by the supervisor, in consultation with the official being assessed. The supervisor must enter his/her email address and the address of the official in the box titled "Forward to Email(s)". Once the supervisor clicks to Submit, the form will automatically be sent to the official, supervisor, Supervision Coordinator and the North Region. 


For questions about Supervisions in the North Region, contact the Supervisions Coordinator. 

Spring/Summer hockey is NOT sanctioned by Hockey Alberta or Hockey Canada. NOT sanctioned means:

  1. You have no insurance in the event you get hurt so you are on your own for any medical bills or lost income.
  2. You have no insurance in the event a player gets hurt, so if the injured player sues you will be personally responsible for any judgement against you - possibly millions of dollars depending upon the injury.
  3. The same suspension guidelines are not in place so in the event of Match on Official (for example) you have no one advocating for you on your behalf.
  4. The hockey leagues do not have to use certified officials so your partners on the ice may not be as fully qualified as you are.
  5. You must remove or cover your Hockey Alberta crest. If you do not you could be subject to discipline ranging from a fine to suspension.