Slew-Footing Rule

Slew-footing – Rules emphasis

Hockey Canada updated Tripping Rule 7.4 in the rule book for the 2016-17 season pertaining to Slew-footing. Rule 7.4(b) reads:

A player who slew foots an opponent shall be assessed a double minor penalty plus a game misconduct if he is standing still while committing the foul. Should the player be moving (skating) or if an injury results from the infraction, the player shall be assessed a match penalty. A match penalty shall be assessed to any player who attempts to injure or deliberately injures an opponent with a slew foot.

The rationale for the change is to strengthen player safety and to eliminate injuries, namely to the head, from the resulting fall. We need to eradicate dangerous and unprovoked gestures, such as slew footing, from the game.

All people in the game – including players, coaches, officials and spectators – need to understand the rule and to respect the intent as we move to eliminate slew footing from hockey and strengthen player safety.