Code of Ethics

The Hockey Canada Officiating Program "Official’s Code of Ethics" provides guidance to registered officials across Canada. The Canadian Hockey Association Branches and their members should expect from Canadian Hockey Officiating Program officials the highest possible standards of personal integrity, competence, sound judgment and discretion. Developed by the former Canadian Hockey Referee’s Committee, the Official’s Code of Ethics is its public declaration of an official’s obligation to himself, his peers and the game.

I will
  • Do the best job I can in each game, no matter what the category of hockey.
  • Always show respect for my fellow officials, the players, coaches and fans.
  • Treat all other participants and spectators of the game with respect at all times. Use of abusive language or gestures (reverse abuse) is completely unacceptable under any circumstances.
  • Study and continue to improve my knowledge of the Canadian Hockey playing rules, the Canadian Hockey Officiating Program policies and procedures.
  • Represent myself and the rules of the game as fairly and as accurately as possible at all times.
  • When required, I will promptly report all penalties involving potential disciplinary action to the appropriate authorities.
  • Always be unquestionably impartial, keeping a professional and appropriate distance from teams.
  • Understand that the use of alcohol is not encouraged and is totally unacceptable on game days. The use of illicit drugs is against the law.
  • Uphold the philosophy and right of all hockey participants to "Fair Play" and penalize accordingly all violent acts.
  • Raise the standard of play in each game that I officiate.
  • Be supportive of my fellow on-ice and off-ice officials at all times, even when I am a spectator.
  • Accept the fact that I will make mistakes, but I will not get frustrated or let this learning process affect my performance or my professionalism.
  • Contribute to the continuing growth of the Canadian Hockey Officiating Program and its officials within my Branch through support, encouragement and positive attitude.
  • Respect and accept constructive feedback from supervisors and the assignments I receive from my administrators.
By registering with your Branch in the Hockey Canada Officiating Program implies that you understand and will comply with the Official’s Code of Ethics. Officials not complying will be subject to disciplinary action.