2018-19 Officiating Rates



Rate Split
USport Male 500 160-160-90-90
USport Female 330 110-110-55-55
ACAC Male 425 125-125-87.50-87.50
ACAC Female 284 84-84-58-58
Senior Male AAA 370 106-106 -77-77
Senior Female AAA (CWHL) 320 90-90-70-70
Senior Male 230 94-68-68
Senior Female 155 63-46-46
Junior A (AJHL) 385 110-110-82 .50-82.50
Junior B 200 84-58-58
Junior C 170 70-50-50
Junior Female (AJFHL) 145 59-43-43
Midget AAA (AMHL), Midget Prep (CSSHL) 185 77-54-54
Minor Midget AAA (AMMHL), Elite 15 (CSSHL) 165 67-49-49
Midget AA, Midget Varsity (CSSHL) 150 62-44-44
Midget Female AAA (AFHL), Midget Female Prep (CSSHL) 145 59-43-43
Midget Female Elite (AFHL), Midget Female Varsity (CSSHL) 140 56-42-42
Midget, Midget Female 135 55-40-40
Bantam AAA (AMBHL), Bantam Prep (CSSHL) 140 56-42-42
Bantam AA, Bantam Varsity (CSSHL) 130 52-39-39
Bantam Female Elite (AFHL) 130 52-39-39
Bantam, Bantam Female 125 51-37-37
Peewee 100 42-29-29
Atom 80 34-23-23
Intro to Hockey (Novice and Initiation) 60 30-30
Sledge Hockey 100 50-50
Adult Rec (2 officials) 150 75-75
  • Mileage & Travel: Officials that drive 50km or more (round trip) shall be paid mileage according to Hockey Alberta’s approved rate of 0.36/km. In addition, these officials (driver and each passenger) will receive a “Travel Rate” (see chart)
    KM Travelled Travel Rate KM Travelled Travel Rate
    0-50 KM $0 301-400 KM $40
    51-100 KM $10 401-500 KM $50
    101-200 KM $20 501-600 KM $60
    201-300 KM $30 601-700 KM $70
  • Late or Early Games: Games scheduled to end after 11:00pm any day, start prior to 7:00am any day, or start prior to 5:00pm on a weekday (excluding Provincial Tournaments) are subject to an additional fee of $20 per official.
  • Warm-Ups: Leagues, Teams or MHAs wishing to have Officials monitor warm-ups that occur prior to the game will be subject a charge of $10.00 per official (maximum of $20.00 / game).
  • Assigning Fees: Leagues or MHAs requesting that Exhibition, Regular Season & Playoff games (Tournaments not included) be assigned by the Officials Committee will be charged $100.00 per Team, per season. Tournaments (excluding Provincial Tournaments) can also be assigned by the Officials Committee at a rate of $6.00 per game.
  • Officiating Systems: The above rates apply to the two (2) official, three (3) official, and four (4) official system. The rate for a one (1) official game is 70% of the rate listed in the applicable category above. In the event the three (3) official system is used in place of the four (4) official system the fee for one (1) referee will be removed from the total (and vice versa).
  • Game Length: These rates are for games that are 1.5 hours in length or longer. MHAs, Leagues or Teams may negotiate a lower rate with Hockey Alberta’s Officials Committee Chair (or designate) for any games shorter in duration. In addition, Leagues or MHAs wishing to utilize overtime and/or shootouts to declare the winner of each game (excluding Provincial Tournaments) may be subject to an additional fee of $20 per official, as determined by the Officials Committee Chair (or designate).