Dave Ganley Award

The Dave Ganley Award will be presented to individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to Hockey Officiating in Alberta. (Maximum two recipients per year.)


  • Either an active or no longer active on-ice official
  • Made an outstanding contribution to hockey officiating in Alberta at the provincial level
  • Current or former member in good standing
  • Minimum of 15 years of involvement as an official, with at least five years working in administration (for example, Regional Committee member or local Referee in Chief)


  • Must be received no later than April 1 (of appropriate year)
  • Must have accompanying documentation outlining the nominee’s contribution
  • Must be submitted to the Award Committee chair, with copies to the Officials Committee Chair and Dave Ganley

Nominations will be brought forward for (2) years in addition to the original nomination year.

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Geoff Da Silva

Geoff has been officiating since the age of 16. Moving up through the Central Region, Geoff obtained his Level V certification and has been officiating up to USPORT hockey. Over the previous eight years, Geoff has been involved on the Central Region executive, spearheading the Supervision A, development and regional camp programs. Through Geoff’s efforts, Central Region has been able to identify and develop officials effectively and efficiently. Geoff’s ongoing contributions include participation as a league supervision in both the Alberta Junior and Midget AAA levels.

Michael Roberts

Mike began his officiating career in 1995 in Chestermere, and has worked at almost every level of hockey over his 23-year career. His resume includes Junior and CIS hockey in Ontario while attending university; junior, college and CIS hockey in Alberta, eventually being recruited to the WHL in 2005. His career highlights include six WHL league finals, three university Canada west finals, four national championships including the RBC Cup, Allan Cup and Usport Cup twice.

Off the ice, mike was RIC in Chestermere, helping bring about a number of positive policy and procedural changes. And he spent 10 years on the central region executive, including as secretary and vice-chair. He continues to assign most senior levels of hockey in the region.

2018 - Gary Goreniuk

Gary began officiating at the age of 28 with no prior hockey experience, and is now in his 22nd season of officiating in the North East Zone. He quickly moved up to become a Level 4 Official, working Junior B and Senior hockey, as well as working lines in the Alberta Junior Hockey League.  

Gary has served as RIC for Bonnyville for a number of years, and still assigns all of the hockey in Bonnyville and for some regional teams. He also supervises and mentors upcoming officials, and has acted as the Tournament RIC for a number of Provincial tournaments.

After serving time in multiple roles on the North East Zone Executive, Gary is now in his second year as the zone’s Vice Chairman.

2017 - Doug Brown

2016 - Paul Isaac and Ken Dentzien

2015 - Aaron Brown and Gary Greenough

2014 - Brent Woods and Herman Costa

2013 - Dean Ziegler and Scott McNabb

2012 - Monty Wood and Jody Ginther

2011 - Darren Bauer and Brad Buchinski

2010 - Dave Butler and Andy Odenbach

2009 - Marcel Pigeau and Todd Swerda