Ernie Boruk Award

The Ernie Boruk Award is presented annually to an individual in appreciation of outstanding dedication and contribution to the Hockey Alberta Officials Committee. (Maximum one recipient per year.)

Nomination Criteria

  • Either an active or no longer active on-ice official
  • Made an outstanding contribution to hockey officiating in Alberta at the provincial level
  • Current or former member in good standing
  • Minimum of 15 years of involvement as an official, with at least five years working in administration (for example, Regional Committee member or local Referee in Chief)


  • Must be received no later than April 1 (of appropriate year)
  • Must have accompanying documentation outlining the nominee’s contributions
  • Must be submitted to the awards committee chair, and copied to the Officials Committee Chair

Nominations will be brought forward for (2) years in addition to the original nomination year.

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CJ Senkow

CJ Senkow has been involved in various capacities in both the North Central and Peace Region executives since 2001. CJ has spent the last six years as the Coordinator of the Peace Region. He’s been on several committees at the provincial level as well as an instructor for all levels of officiating provincially. On the ice, CJ has worked all levels of hockey in Alberta and the WHL, officiated numerous Provincial and National championships, and just retired this year from the AJHL.


David Mousseau (second from right) receives the Ernie Boruk award 

David Mousseau from Red Deer Alberta. 

   2019 - David Mousseau 2018 - Kumail Moledina
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