The assignment of officials within the Central Region occurs in three ways:

Central Region Assignments

If you reside in and around Calgary and wish to officiate higher levels of hockey in and around Calgary (starting at U13 hockey and working up), you will receive assignments from one of the Central Region assignors responsible for this hockey. This will require you to log into your Goalline account and update your availability.


Community Assignments

If you reside in Calgary and are a younger, relatively new official or are simply interested in officiating the younger levels of hockey (U9, U11 and lower levels of U13), you will receive your assignments from an assignor responsible for the local community in which you reside. Contact your local community representative for more information on the community level officiating programs.

Blackfoot, Bow Valley, Knights, Southwest (Rinks: Acadia Rec Centre, Jack Setters, Cardel Rec South 4, Seton YMCA 1/2, Max Bell 1)
Arlene Veres - Phone: 403-617-0597; Email: [email protected]
Bow River (Rinks: Bowness Sportsplex, Westside Rec Centre, Winsport B&D, West Hillhurst, Edge 2)
Todd Wright - Phone: 403-615-6402; Email: [email protected]
Crowfoot (Rinks: Crowfoot YMCA, Crowchild Twin, Shouldice, Winsport A&C)
Louise Hall - Phone: 403-560-8611; Email: [email protected]
Glenlake (Rinks: Flames Community Gold, George Blundun, Optimist, Stu Peppard)
Tamara Flegel - Phone: 403-708-7619; Email: [email protected]
McKnight (Rinks: Huntington Hills, SAIT, Thorncliffe/Greenview, West Mount Pleasant)
Marcia Malainey - Phone: 403-680-6878; Email: [email protected]
North West Warriors (Rinks: Brentwood, Crowchild Blue/Red, Father David Bauer, Norma Bush, Olympic Oval, Rocky Ridge, Triwood, West Hillhurst)
Matt Hunter: Email: [email protected]
Saints (Rinks: East Calgary Twin Red/Blue, Ernie Starr, Henry Viney, Max Bell 2, Stew Hendry, Village Square 1/2, Northeast Sportsplex
Melinda Davis - 403-827-6473; Email: [email protected]
Simons Valley (Rinks: Murray Copot, Vivo East/West)
Sarah Palinkas - Phone: 403-650-6153; Email: [email protected]
Rosemary Parker - Phone: 403-805-1200; Email: [email protected]
Springbank (Rinks: Springbank - Joe Phillips & Red Dutton, Edge - Kyle Stuart)
Trails West (Rinks: Flames Community Blue/Red)
Diane Moffat - Phone: 403-804-2025; Email: [email protected]

Rural Community Assignments

By definition, if you live in a community outside of Calgary and do not officiate hockey in Calgary, you will receive your assignments from an assignor responsible for the community in which you reside. These rural communities in the Central Region are responsible, for the most part, for assigning their own hockey. For more information regarding our rural communities, please visit the Rural area of our web-site.

Rural Development Coordinator Darrell Honish
Airdrie Yanick Harrison 403-477-1481 [email protected]
Banff/ Canmore Matt Simmonds
Beiseker/ Irricana/ Acme Rob Adams 403-510-4481 [email protected]
Chestermere/ Indus Shane Hainstock 403-408-9093 [email protected]
Claresholm Shawn Cooper 403-625-0125 [email protected]
Cochrane Brandon Renner 403-700-4528 [email protected]
Crossfield Jaclyn Lantz 403-690-3128 [email protected]
Drumheller Marion Morton 403-334-2007 [email protected]
Nanton Shanda McTighe 403-401-6979 [email protected]
Okotoks/ Foothills/ High Country Doug Brown 403-560-7094 [email protected]
Siksika Dion Daniels 403-324-0577 [email protected]
Strathmore/ Carseland/ Rockyford/ Bassano John Culshaw 403-901-3400 [email protected]

All Central Region assigning will follow the re-assigning policy below:

  1. All Central Region assigned games, without exception, will be managed on the Goalline system. There will be no trading or switching games without Central Region assignors being notified and the switch or trade being processed within the Goalline system.
  2. All Central Region officials are required to set their availability and rink preferences in Goalline. By default, all officials are unavailable for games each day of a given month unless an official explicitly changes his or her availability. Available days, or days when an official is available for a game assignment, must be set by the 10th day of the previous month. For example, the deadline for Available Days for February is January 10th. Available days are declared by checking dates and times listed on the availability page in Goalline.
  3. Officials are encouraged to continuously update their availability on Goalline as declined games and turn-backs will be reassigned through-out the month.
  4. The Central Region will assign a referee and linesmen for U13 Tiers 1-3. For other U13 Tiers. Central Region will assign only the referee while each community association will assign the linesmen. The community associations will be responsible for assigning all officials at theU9 and U11 levels.
  5. Officials are notified of an assignment by an automated email generated from Goalline. In case of disputes, the date and time on the original email sent from Goalline will be considered the official timestamp.
  6. Game Officials for games with the following rank, 11-20 (excluding 14(f)), have 48 hours from the time the assignment has been emailed to either accepted or decline assignment(s). No fees will be assessed for games declined within the initial 48-hour period. Game Officials for games with the following rank, 1-10 ( including 9(f) and 14(f)), will NOT be entitled to decline assignment (s). An automatic $5 per game fee, up to a maximum of $20 per month, will be assessed on a single set of declines. In cases where games have been assigned to officials who are already working games that day, or officials have extenuating circumstances, an email to the Director of Assigning is required and can result in the reversal of the fine.
  7. Additional fees will be assessed as follows:
    (a) A $5 per game fee, up to a maximum of $20 per month, will be assessed on games declined after 48 hours.
    (b) If an official fails to accept or decline an assignment within 96 hours (4 days) of the assignment, the game will be deemed declined and will be re-assigned.
    (c) A fee of $5.00 per game, up to a maximum of $10 per day, will be charged for all accepted assignments cancelled or turned back to the assignor up to 72 hours prior to the game unless reduced under paragraph (8.f)
    (d) A fee of $10.00 per game, up to a maximum of $20 per day, will be charged for all accepted assignments cancelled or turned back to the assignor within 72 hours of game time.
    (e) A fee of $15.00 per game, up to a maximum of $30 per day, will be charged for all accepted assignments cancelled or turned back to the assignor within 24 hours of game time.
    (f) Game Officials for games with the following rank, 11-20 (excluding 14(f)) with Re-assigning fees under paragraphs 8 c,d, and e may be reduced to the standard assigning fee per game if an official finds his or her own replacement. In all cases, the replacement referee or linesmen must hold the appropriate ranking for the level of hockey being re-assigned. The official requesting the change must contact the appropriate assignor by email and provide the name and contact information for the replacement official. The assignor will respond no later then 24 hours from the original request. The replacement official must set their availability and rink preferences in Goalline before the re-assignment can occur. Officials must accept all games in Goalline before the re-assignment is complete. The original assignment stands until the replacement official accepts the assignment. The Central Region has the final approval on all re-assignments under this section.
    (g) The Central Region will cover all re-assigning fees for injuries occurred during the officiating of a Central Region assigned hockey game, funerals and family emergencies. All other situations may be approved by the Director of Assigning on a case by case situation. It is imperative that an official communicate with the assignor and/or director of assigning whenever situations arise that may prevent that official from completing their assignments.
To reimburse officials when games are cancelled, in Calgary, with less than 2 hours noticed (officials have arrived at the arena to find no game) with the full game fee. If more than 2 hours’ notice is received then each official would be entitled to $15 to compensate for their incurred costs (travel). It is the official’s responsibility to notify the assignor within 24 hours of the cancelled game to be entitled to compensation under this policy.

In order to administer the policy, the Executive has implemented the following:
  1. In most instances, the assignors will advise the officials that the game has been cancelled. If the officials go to the rink and find that there is no game, one member of the crew will advise the assignors that there are no teams for the game.
  2. The assignor will advise the Treasurer of all cancelled games, including the game time, location, officials and provide information as to when the notification of cancellation was received.
  3. The Treasurer will facilitate payment based on the policy and payment will be part of the regular monthly referee payment and will be shown as Miscellaneous. Officials will be able to review Goalline and see a brief description of the payment.
  4. The policy is only with regard to games under the jurisdiction of Hockey Calgary. All other leagues will be assessed game fee (when possible) for all games not cancelled within 24 hours of the game time and officials will receive regular payment for those games (when possible).

The personnel responsible for assigning Elite (A) throughout the Central Region and House League (B) hockey within the Calgary area of Central Region are:

Title / Position Responsibilities Assignor Email Phone
Assigning Coordinator Assigning Coordinator (Team Leader) Dave Coles [email protected] 403-540-8962
Assignor #1 Male - U Sports Lines, ACAC, Ranch, AJHL Lines, U21 Heritage B, U21, U18 AAA Mike Roberts [email protected]


Assignor #2 Female - U Sports, ACAC
Male - U18 AA, SCAHL U18 AA, U16 AAA, U15 AAA, U15 AA, U13 AA
Lisa Heddinger [email protected]


Assignor #3

Female - SAWHA (Senior AA/A), U18 AAA, U21 A, U15 AAA, U18, U15, U13, U11, U9 Bill Olsson [email protected]


Assignor #4

Male - U21 C, U21 Rec, U18, U18 Rec Karine Burriss [email protected]


Assignor #5 Male - U15, U15 Rec Arlene Veres [email protected]


Assignor #6 Male - U13, U13 Rec Laura Corbett [email protected]


Pay Rates and How Officials Are Paid

Payment Policy until such time as General Meetings are able to begin
  1. All cheques will be mailed on the 4th Monday of each month for games worked the prior month;
  2. It is necessary that officials ensure the current mailing address is correct in Goalline;
  3. Cheques will not be separated by community; and
  4. There will be no picking up cheques from the Treasurer – all cheques will be mailed.

If you have any questions, please e-mail Don Roberts.

Pay rates depend on if the game is assigned by the Central Region, or is a provincial game under the direct jurisdiction of Hockey Alberta.

Please click on the link to see the Mileage Rates and Travel Time Rates as calculated to and from all towns in Central Region.


The rates for all SAWHA games assigned through Central Region and its rural communities are:
$110 total game fee with a split of $55/Official

The levels of hockey an official is eligible to skate is determined by their Central Region Referee rank or Linesman rank, and their Hockey Canada Level.

2019 - 2020 ranking schedule >

Change of Rankings For B Program Officials

  • Any B Program officials (ref rank of 13 and lower) that would like to move up to a higher ref or lines ranking shall put such desire in writing to the Assigning Coordinator. Write a detailed letter indicating what ranking you have now and what you would like to be considered for. After receiving such written ranking request a supervisor will assess you at your present ranking. If the feedback from that supervision is positive and merits upward movement, you will be moved up accordingly.
  • The formal process to move someone in the B Program to a higher ranking is done at the monthly development committee meeting. Once the committee reviews the recommendations from the Coordinator responsible for Rankings he or she will forward the information onto the assignors. Note: this process could take up to two months to show up on your assignment sheets, so patience is a required. If the assignors don’t get the info in time to assign you the new level of hockey, they can and will try to still use you in turnbacks. Remember, your involvement with the Zone is measured in terms of years and not months, so relatively speaking this is a fair and timely process.
  • Any B Program officials requesting a change in their ref rank to U13 1, U15 1 or U18 1 must send their written requests to the Chair of the Development Committee. S/he will forward the request to the appropriate league supervisor for assessment according to the process outlined above. These categories (U18 1 and U15 1) are supervised under the Supervision A Program – if there is an opening you will move up upon approval by the Minor Hockey Committee as outlined in their Development Guidelines.

Assigning Process

All Central Region Assignments are completed online using the Goalline system. All officials must register and pay their fees each season online in order to be able to access the Assigning System. 

If you have questions about how to get involved or how to start receiving assignments from the Central Region Assignors please contact the Coordinator of Assigning

Booking Referees for Exhibition Games

  • All game requests to be sent to the assigning director and responsible assignor for that league.
  • All game requests will require 48 hours notice as a minimum. If 48 hours are not given to the Central Zone referee assignor, the game should be cancelled and rescheduled with proper planning.
  • All exhibition games will be paid cash and the referees are to be paid prior to game start time or the game will not proceed.
  • When requesting referees, please include teams, game time, duration, arena and how many referee’s are required (2 or 3).
  • Game requests are to be done by email or using the Hockey Calgary Exhibition Game Request System and all game changes MUST be done by email.

Availability / Dark Days

The Goalline default for all officials is to be unavailable all the time, this means you must login and check the days/times that you are available in order to receive any assignments. 

Availability/ dark days are completed through the online assigning system. Officials must login and put a check mark in the boxes to show when they are actually available to work hockey. The Goalline default for all officials is to be unavailable all the time, this means you must login and check the days/times that you are available in order to receive any assignments. From there you can click the check box for each day or hour that you are available to receive assignments.  If you are available for an entire day there is a check box on the right hand side that will check each box for that day. Be sure to update your availability by the 10th of each month to receive assignments for the following month. Also be sure to update your availability on a regular basis so that short notice assignments will be offered to you. Lastly, use the availability notes to indicate any special considerations for the assignors.

  1. All Central Region assigned games are managed on the Goalline system. There will be no trading or switching games without Central Region assignors being notified and the switch or trade being processed within the Goalline system. The official can find a suitable replacement. but must turn the game back to the Assignor and then suggest the replacement but the Assignor will make the final decision on who works the game. See Reassigning Policy tab.
  2. To set Availability, login to the Goalline assigning site.
    • Enter your username and password. Fields are case sensitive.
    • Select Set Referee Availability.
    • Check off the boxes for the times when you are available. 
    • Remove check marks for the times when you are not available. 
    • A check mark at 7 pm means that you are available to ref a game that begins at 7 pm.
    • If you need to be home by 8 pm and you normally work Midget 2 where games are 1.15 hours long then you should not check off any boxes past 6 pm.

Arrival at Games

All officials are required to arrive at the arena 30 minutes prior to game time, with the exception of USport, ACAC, and AJHL where the officials are required to arrive at the arena one hour prior to game time and U18AAA where the officials are required to arrive 45 minutes prior to game time. Disciplinary action will be taken for being late, for not showing up, and for not reporting lates and no-shows by a fellow official.

Dress Code

The Dress Code varies, depending on the level of hockey being worked:

For all levels of minor hockey, up to U15 AA, officials are expected to dress in clean jeans or khakis, with no team jackets or ball caps being worn.

For Ranchlands (Senior A), U21 B (CJHL and Heritage), ACAC Female, AFHL U21 Female, U18 AAA Female, AEHL (U16AAA, U15AAA), AFHL (U15AA, U18 AA, U18AAA), male officials are expected to wear clean khakis, a collared shirt, and dress shoes. Female officials are expected to be in a similar style.

AEHL U18AAA, AJHL, ACAC, USport: male officials are to wear dress pants, dress shirt, tie, dress shoes and a jacket; female officials are to wear dress pants or skirt, blouse, and dress shoes.


When traveling out of town to work hockey, it is the duty of the linesmen to call the referee, who is responsible for arranging transportation, at least 48 hours prior to the game. Arrangements can then be made to meet and travel to the game. Pre-game arrival times are still in effect when traveling to other centres to work games. The driver (usually the referee) is the only person allowed to claim or accept mileage for travel, and only one mileage fee will be paid per game. Linesmen are entitled to a traveling fee of $10/hour after the first hour (round-trip time).