Central Region


Central Region Coordinator: Lance McKinnon

Male Development: Dave Coles 

Treasurer: Don Roberts

Discipline: Chris Bruce 

Assigning: David Ingram 

Mentorship: Brad Campbell 

Communications: Geoff Carr 

Female Development: Tyler Jensen 

Clinics: Doug Brown 

Supervisions: TBC 

Secretary: Mark Stach 

The assignment of officials within the Central Region occurs in three ways:

Central Region Assignments

If you reside in and around Calgary and wish to officiate higher levels of hockey in and around Calgary (starting at U13 hockey and working up), you will receive assignments from one of the Central Region assignors responsible for this hockey. This will require you to log into your Goalline account and update your availability. 

Community Assignments 

If you reside in Calgary and are a younger, relatively new official or are simply interested in officiating the younger levels of hockey (U9, U11 and lower levels of U13), you will receive your assignments from an assignor responsible for the local community in which you reside. Contact your local community representative for more information on the community level officiating programs.

Rural Community Assignments 

The Central Region encompasses many communities surrounding Calgary. The Region stretches from the BC border to Bassano in the east and from Crossfield south to Claresholm. Each community is responsible for assigning the hockey in its area and developing the officials that reside in that community. For information the officiating program in each of these communities, contact the appropriate Referee-in-Chief/Coordinator (RIC) for that community (listed below). If the community in which you are interested is not listed please contact the Central Region’s Rural Director.
Central Region Rural Director Dave Coles 403-540-8962 [email protected] officials.hockeyalberta.ca
Airdrie Yanick Harrison


[email protected] www.airdrierefs.com
Banff / Canmore Matt Simmonds   www.bowvalleyrefs.com
Bassano Amanda Barron 403-501-1262 [email protected]  
Beiseker/Irricana/Acme Rob Adams    
Chestermere / Indus Jeff Long 403-700-9529 [email protected] http://cmhrefrees.goalline.ca
Claresholm Shawn Cooper 403-625-0125 [email protected]  
Cochrane Brandon Hamilton 403-861-7945 b[email protected] http://www.cra.goalline.ca
Crossfield Tanya Ingram 403-616-5802 [email protected]  
Drumheller Tyler Jensen 403-823-0787 [email protected]  
Foothills Dave Skitch 403-603-8101 [email protected]  
Nanton Jolene Kohut  403-603-8372 [email protected]  
Okotoks Doug Brown 403-560-7094 [email protected] http://ora.goalline.ca/
Siksika Dion Daniels 403-324-0577 [email protected]  
Strathmore / Carseland / Rockyford / Bassano John Culshaw 403-901-3400 [email protected]  

Rural Mileage Chart

Click one of the following to view / download the Central Zone Mileage and Travel Time Charts.  Note that to calculate your total game fee, you must add the totals in the mileage chart and travel time chart to your game fee.

Central Region General Meeting Dates (2020-2021)

  • Meeting dates TBC

All meetings begin at 7:00 pm and are held at the Centennial Calgary Royal Canadian Legion #285 - 9002 Horton Road SW.

The deadline for completing your supervision requirements in January 15.

An official’s rank or level of hockey worked determines the level of participation that is expected and how their participation (or lack thereof) may affect their hockey. All officials must recognize the importance of the Supervision program, and that without active participation by all, the entire program suffers and on a personal level movement up in the program will be limited.
League Supervision Coordinators
Certain leagues have League Supervision Coordinators who are responsible for coordinating the supervisors of a league and providing information regarding those supervisionsand on-ice performance to the Senior Hockey Committee. The coordinators are experienced officials familiar with the Hockey Canada Procedures Manual and Rulebook, and have attended a provincial supervision seminar. The following leagues have Supervision Coordinators: USport, ACAC, AJHL, AJFHL,  Jr.B, U18 AAA, U18 AA, U18 A, U15 AAA, U15 AA, Jr.C, U18 1, U15 1, U13 1.

Supervision A Progam
All officials with a referee rank of 12 (U18 B1) or above, or a lines rank of 10 (U15 AAA) or above are part of the Supervision A Program. Level 4, 4L, 5, and 6 Officials must complete and submit 15 written supervisions at any level by January 15 to be eligible for playoff assignments. All other officials in the A program must complete 12 written supervisions at any level by January 15 in order to be eligible for playoffs.

Supervision B Program
All officials with a Referee rank of 13 or lower or a lines rank of 11 or lower are considered part of the Supervision B Program. B Program officials 18 years of age or older are recommended to submit 8 supervisions, preferably at the community level, by January 15 to ensure eligibility for playoff assignments and movement up in the program.


Within the Central Region, a Shadow/Mentor program has been established in each community. In the communities outside of Calgary, the local Referee in Chief (RIC) is responsible for setting up the program and recruiting suitable Mentors. Within Calgary, the communities are supported by a Lead Mentor who assists the Community Assignor with identifying and shadowing the new officials. The Lead Mentor is tasked with recruiting a team of Mentors to assist in Shadowing the new officials. Mentors are provided with training and support, and the reports are tracked and analyzed annually.


Blackfoot Lisa Walters [email protected] 
Bow River   [email protected] 
Bow Valley Jan Kruis / Greg Wagg [email protected] OR [email protected] 
Crowfoot Helen Mills [email protected] 
Glenlake Trevor Tracey [email protected] 
Lake Bonavista Jeff Zawalykut [email protected] 
McKnight Ian Calverley [email protected] 
Mavericks Marc Bateman [email protected] 
NW Warriors   [email protected] 
Saints Niko Tanguary [email protected] 
Simons Valley Thomas Liukaitis [email protected] 
South West TBC  
Springbank Chris Lopes / Paul Lopes [email protected] OR [email protected] 
Trails West Ryan Dickie [email protected] 
Cochrane Brandon Renner [email protected] 
Okotoks Josh Penner [email protected] 
Airdrie Jason Makarus [email protected] 
Female Program Rikki-lee Gavin [email protected] 

Pay Rates and How Officials Are Paid

Here are the best methods in the order for you to receive them:
  1. Attend the General Meeting and pick up your cheque for games worked the prior month. 
  2. Cheques will not be separated by community unless prior arrangements are made with the Treasurer;
  3. Have someone you know well pick up your cheque at the General Meeting;
  4. Mail me a stamped, self-addressed envelope and the cheque will be mailed out after the General Meeting;
  5. Provide me with 24 hours’ notice and I will leave the cheque in my mail box; or
  6. Don’t do anything and your cheque will be mailed to you on the 10th day following the General meeting.  For example, games worked in October the cheque will be available at the November 28 meeting, and if it is not picked up, the cheque will be mailed December 9.
To reconcile your monthly cheque to your games you can go into Goalline and select the dates (for example November 1 to November 30) and this will reconcile with your payment.

If you have an issue with a game that you officiated and did not receive payment for, please send me an e-mail and I will investigate.

Pay rates depend on if the game is assigned by the Central Region, or is a provincial game under the direct jurisdiction of Hockey Alberta.

Cancelled Games - Calgary

To reimburse officials when games are cancelled, in Calgary, with less than 2 hours noticed (officials have arrived at the arena to find no game) with the full game fee. If more than 2 hours’ notice is received then each official would be entitled to $15 to compensate for their incurred costs (travel). It is the official’s responsibility to notify the assignor within 24 hours of the cancelled game to be entitled to compensation under this policy.

  1. In most instances, the assignors will advise the officials that the game has been cancelled. If the officials go to the rink and find that there is no game, one member of the crew will advise the assignors that there are no teams for the game. 
  2. The assignor will advise the Treasurer of all cancelled games, including the game time, location, officials and provide information as to when the notification of cancellation was received.
  3. The Treasurer will facilitate payment based on the policy and payment will be part of the regular monthly referee payment and will be shown as Miscellaneous. Officials will be able to review Goalline and see a brief description of the payment.
  4. The policy is only with regard to games under the jurisdiction of Hockey Calgary. All other leagues will be assessed game fee (when possible) for all games not cancelled within 24 hours of the game time and officials will receive regular payment for those games (when possible).

Officials Development Program

Applications are now being accepted for the 2019-20 Hockey Alberta Officials Development Program. Full information on the requirements, events/dates, and expectations can be found with the application form: