Central Region Clinics


Welcome back to another season of hockey. There is a new process for Level 1 officials registering in Calgary.

You will now register in a Quadrant based on where you want to officiate your hockey. You must register in the Quadrant you want to skate in (i.e. NE Clinic for NE hockey). Transfers will not be permitted.

Level 1 Calgary officials are not allowed to register for rural clinics. Transfers will not be permitted.

For additional information, please refer to the FAQ.

Quadrant Assigning FAQ 2023 >

Full details on Registration, Criminal Record Checks, Clinic Dates/ Locations, along with an FAQ can be found on the Hockey Alberta Officials website by clicking on the Clinics/ Registration Info button. If you are searching for a list of scheduled clinics, click the Register Now button to go to HCR 3.0 for a list of clinics and to register.



Generally, the following types of Clinics offered:

  • Beginner/New Official Clinic
    • Age: 13-18 as of December 31 of current season or new adult officials
    • Levels officiated: U9-U13
    • Experience: 0-2 years
  • Junior Official Clinic
    • Age: 16+ with 2 or more years experience
    • Levels officiated: U13 or higher
    • Experience: 1-5 years (for adult 2nd year officials)
  • Senior Official Clinic
    • Age: 19+ as of December 31 of current year with 3 or more years experience
    • Levels officiated: U15 or higher
    • Experience: 3+ years
  • All Levels Clinic
    • Age: 13+
    • Levels officiated: U9-U18
    • Experience: 0 - many years
  • Elite Official
    • Age: 19+
    • Levels officiated: U15 AA
    • Experience: 5+ years
  • Elite 4/5/6 Clinic
    • This is for our Level 4/5/6’s and elite Level 3’s (if there is room). You will need to write the SRD and take the off-ice fitness test.