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League-Specific Rules

Peace Region officials work a number of leagues which have some league-specific rules. Check them out here. League Specific Rules >

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Peace Region Coordinator: Brandon Sperling

Vice Chair: Keegan Johnson

Treasurer: Levis Lavoie

Website/Communication: Levis Lavoie 

Development/Alberta Cup: Brad Shura

Supervisions: Cory Peters

Assigning: Dave MacPherson

Clinics: Brian Lieverse

Match Penalty: Devan Jaeger

Please understand that there is a tremendous amount of time and effort done by our assignors about providing you all the opportunity to officiate hockey games. There is also an obligation by yourself to the games that you accept and the importance of following through with that assignment as well as the communication for any dark days you may have in advance. These fundamental principles will allow our assignors the ability to be proactive to our officiating needs, rather than reactive to try to fill spots. As assignors, we understand life happens unexpectedly. However, most events are planned and we ask that you be considerate of us as well and the time we put in to providing these assignments.

  • Greg Bertrand will be assigning the following U13 AA, Female U15/U18 AA & U15 & U18 Grande Prairie Minor Hockey now referred to as the GPMH Major Assignor
  • Dave MacPherson will be assigning GPAC (U15 AA/AAA, U16/U18 AAA), U18 AA Peace River & GP, Sr Men’s, Jr B & Jr A now referred to as the Region Senior Program.

Region Senior Program (GPAC, U18 AA, Jr A, Jr B and Sr Men)

Your dark days for the coming month must be in the system no later than the 15th of the previous month as assignments will start by the 17th and may be in the system as pending status. Assigning will begin with Jr A and then working on to the other leagues hoping to have all
games assigned by the 25th of the month or sooner dependent on the AJHL releasing their officials schedule. In using the dark day’s system, the following will apply:

• If you turn a game back within 48 hours of being assigned the game then you will receive 1 less assignment the next month. If this happens, a second time then you will receive three fewer assignments the following month and if it happens a third time, then you will be subject to discipline, which may include being removed from assignments within the senior program. This can be avoided by ensuring dark days are always up to date. This rule will apply for all officials (FSJ, Dawson Creek, Peace River, GP, etc.) that have been provided the opportunity to work the upper levels of hockey within our area.
• If you have accepted a game but for reasons need to give it up then please find a person that is approved by the assignor to be capable of working the game. If you are unsure who can, please ask via email. If you have to cancel within 24 hours of the game time call and the Region Senior Assignor will find someone, so he can ensure it is covered. You will get one free turn back of a game within 24 hours. After that the following will happen; second time you cancel you will miss three games next month, third time you cancel you will be removed from the rotation for one month. Any further turn backs may result in removal from being assigned any further games.

GPMH Major Assignor (U13 AA, Female U15/U18 AA, U15/U18 GPMH)

Expectations are no different from those being explained above for those individuals working in the Region Senior Program. All dark days should be populated by the 15th. Assigning will commence once the Region Senior Program Assignor has completed his pending allocation beginning on the 20th of every month. Games should all be assigned by no later than the 27th of the month prior to the assignments being received. In using the dark day’s application within the system, the following will apply:

• If you turn back a game for which you have been assigned within 48 hours, then you will receive 1 less assignment the next month. If this happens a second time, then you will receive 3 fewer assignments. Any further occurrences will result in potential removal from the assigning list.
• If you have accepted a game but for a valid reason are unable to meet that obligation then you will be required to find a replacement that is approved by the assignor via email. If the cancellation occurs within 24 hours of game time then the assignor will find the replacement. The second time that this occurs within 24 hours you may be subject to removal of assignments for the remainder of the month at the discretion of the assignor.

In order to register for a clinic for the 2021-2022 season, you will need an account on the new Hockey Canada HCR 3.0 system. Below are step-by-step instructions to properly create your account.

Step 1: Navigate to

Step 2: In the top right corner, click on LOGIN

Step 3: Click SIGN UP and set up a new account with your email address

Step 4: Click NEXT and continue filling out your name and choose a password

Step 5: Once you are logged in to HCR 3.0 with your new account, click the PERSON ICON in the top right corner and select MY ACCOUNT.

Step 6: You will now be in your ’dashboard’. Click MEMBERS on the left side.

Step 7: Beside the circle with your initials, click on the ADD MEMBER icon

Step 8: Search for yourself by name and birthdate. Once you find yourself, click LINK

*This will bring in your information from the previous HCR system, including HCR number, past clinics, CRC history, etc. 

Step 9: Under relationship, select SELF.

For officials 18+ years old, you must ensure your CRC (Criminal Record Check) is valid.

Now, back in your dashboard, you will see two sets of your intitials. The second one is where you’ll find the CRC tab and you can the current status of your Criminal Record Check. If it has expired, follow the instructions on this page to complete a new one

Criminal Record Checks

Minor Hockey Association RIC Name Phone Email Address
Beaverlodge Brian Lieverse 780.814.4017 [email protected]
Clairmont Kaitlyn Couturier 780.605.1880 [email protected]
East Smoky Tanya Gerwatoski  780.832.1921 [email protected]
Fairview Fenton Burns 780.834.8555 [email protected]
Grande Cache Collin Elms 780.827.8148 [email protected]
Grande Prairie CJ Senkow 780.933.5333 [email protected]
Grimshaw Michael Scott 780.618.9212 [email protected]
High Level TBA TBA TBA
High Prairie TBA TBA [email protected]
Horse Lake Michael Horseman 780.518.5883 [email protected]
Hythe Lane Flaten 780.832.1094 [email protected]
La Crete George Fehr 780.841.5745 [email protected]
La Glace Jessica Tveter 780.933.5390 [email protected] 
Loon Lake Clyde Noskey 780.649.4337 [email protected] 
Manning Kristin Mortson 780.882.2996  
Peace River Kerry Rudneski


[email protected]
Sexsmith Kale Roberts 780.832.7327 [email protected]
Slave Lake Alex Pavcek 780.805.6292 [email protected]
Smoky River Paul Dubois 780.618.3503 [email protected]
Spirit River Bill Jackson 780.864.8036 [email protected]
Valleyview Frazier Caron 780.524.0013  [email protected]
Wembley Colette Lowe 780.882.9300 [email protected]

Dress Code

For ALL hockey, with the exception of Industrial and Senior Ladies, there is to be no track pants, blue jeans or team jackets.

A minimum of slacks and a golf shirt are to be worn for all hockey. For all GPAC it is a shirt and tie (including U13 AA). For Junior B and Senior, a shirt and tie is not required but you can wear one if you choose (most officials do).

There is a $10 dress code violation fine if you are not wearing the required clothing to your games.

Supervision Policy

Each senior official in Peace Region is to conduct three supervisions by the end of December and three more by the end of January. If these are not completed and submitted by the end of January, your playoff schedule may be affected, and reclassification requests may be denied.

Supervisions may be conducted on any level of hockey, but the focus is on developing Level 1 and 2 officials, and inexperienced Level 3 officials. That means out of the six supervisions, three must be done on Level 1 and 2 officials.

Within 24 hours of the supervision being completed, the supervisor is to provide a copy of the form to the official and a copy to the Peace Region Supervision Coordinator. Please us the fillable PDF form available on the Hockey Alberta Officials website.

Supervisions are kept on file and are used to track the progress of officials. If for some reason you feel that you have had an unfair supervision, feel free to contact the Supervision Coordinator and explain the situation.

More details on Supervisions, along with tips and suggestions for supervisors and officials, can be found under the Development tab on the Hockey Alberta Officials website.  

If anyone has any questions, concerns and even some new ideas about the supervision program, please feel free to contact the Supervision Coordinator: