Officials Committee Scholarship Application

All applicants will receive notification that their application package has been received. Scholarship recipients will be notified by the Hockey Alberta Selection Committee on or before April 15.

Please use the following checklist to ensure your application package is complete.

  • Completed application form dated and signed by applicant
  • Copy of most recent transcript – High School or Post-Secondary Institute
  • Copy of personal statement regarding application
  • Letter of support from your R.I.C. or a mentor official.

Completed application package must be submitted by 4 pm on April 15.

Please note these conditions before signing this application:

  • The information provided in this application is true, accurate and complete.
  • I am aware that providing incomplete or false information will render my application null and void and will not permit me to compete for this scholarship.
  • I authorize the Hockey Alberta Officials Committee to verify student information included to determine eligibility for this scholarship opportunity.
  • I am aware that the granting of this scholarship is subject to the conditions listed in the letter of notification.
  • I authorize the Selection Committee to contact my references as required.
  • I authorize the Hockey Alberta Officials Committee to make copies of this application and distribute it to the Selection Committee for the purpose of review.

Signing this consent form permits the Hockey Alberta Officials Committee to publicly recognize your achievement as a recipient of this scholarship.

If selected for this scholarship, consent is given to the Hockey Alberta Officials Committee to publish the student’s name, school, location and scholarship. It is understood that not signing this consent will not prejudice the consideration.

Hockey Alberta Officials Committee Scholarship

Application for the Hockey Alberta Officials Committee Scholarship.

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