Central Region Assignors

The personnel responsible for assigning Elite (A) throughout the Central Region and House League (B) hockey within the Calgary area of Central Region are:

Title / Position Responsibilities Assignor Email Phone
Assigning Coordinator Assigning Coordinator (Team Leader) Chris Bruce [email protected] 403-863-6321
Assignor #1

Female - USports, ACAC
Male - USports Lines, ACAC, Ranch, AJHL Lines, U21 Heritage B, U21, U18 AAA,
U18 AA, SCAHL U18 AA, U17 AAA, U15 AAA, U15 AA, U13 AA

Lisa Heddinger [email protected]


Assignor #2

Female - SAWHA (Senior AA/A), U18 AAA, U21 A, U15 AAA, U18, U15, U13, U11, U9 Bill Olsson [email protected]


Assignor #3 Male - U15, U15 Rec, U21 C, U21 Rec, U18, U18 Rec Arlene Veres [email protected]


Assignor #4 Male - U13, U13 Rec Laura Corbett [email protected]