Central Region Supervisions

The deadline for completing your supervision requirements in January 15.

An official’s rank or level of hockey worked determines the level of participation that is expected and how their participation (or lack thereof) may affect their hockey. All officials must recognize the importance of the Supervision program, and that without active participation by all, the entire program suffers and on a personal level movement up in the program will be limited.
League Supervision Coordinators
Certain leagues have League Supervision Coordinators who are responsible for coordinating the supervisors of a league and providing information regarding those supervisions and on-ice performance to the Senior Hockey Committee to ensure officials are ranked appropriately for the playoffs each season. The coordinators are experienced officials familiar with the Hockey Canada Procedures Manual and Rulebook, and have attended a provincial supervision seminar. The following leagues have Supervision Coordinators:
USports: Mark MacIsaac ACAC: Dave Webster
AJHL: Dave Webster U18 AAA: Chris Bruce
Junior B (HJHL): Doug Brown Junior B (CJHL): Vacant
U18 AA (Rural): Doug Brown U18 AA: Brent Hazel/ Evan Medd
U18 A: Derek Banstra U18 Tier 1: Brad Campbell
U15 AAA: Brandon Woltjer U15 AA: Vacant
U15 Tier 1: Brad Campbell U13 Tier 1: Brad Campbell
Supervision A Program
All officials with a referee rank of 12 (U18 B1) or above, or a lines rank of 10 (U15 AAA) or above are part of the Supervision A Program. Level 4, 4L, 5, and 6 Officials must complete and submit 15 written supervisions at any level by January 15 to be eligible for playoff assignments. All other officials in the A program must complete 12 written supervisions at any level by January 15 in order to be eligible for playoffs. For more information, email [email protected] .

Supervision B Program
All officials with a Referee rank of 13 or lower or a lines rank of 11 or lower are considered part of the Supervision B Program. B Program officials 18 years of age or older are recommended to submit 8 supervisions, preferably at the community level, by January 15 to ensure eligibility for playoff assignments and movement up in the program. For more information, email [email protected].