WHL Beyond Hockey: Austin Weisgerber — Constable


WHL Beyond Hockey is a brand new series celebrating the outstanding community contributions beyond the world of hockey made by those associated with the Western Hockey League. From Officials to Team Doctors, and everywhere in between, countless individuals across the WHL continue to put their best foot forward as they serve their community during this uncertain time.

Whether he’s helping diffuse tense situations on the ice or in the line of duty, Constable Austin Weisgerber has taken it upon himself to serve and protect.

Operating in unprecedented times, Weisgerber has showcased a strong commitment to his local community with the Medicine Hat Police Service.

“Our response and interactions have certainly changed now, with the safety of the public, ourselves, and families still at the forefront,” Weisgerber said. “Our patrol shifts now start and finish with about a 15-minute clean of our vehicles to ensure they are safe and sanitized, as well as a check of our PPE supply so we can appropriately respond to any situation protected against the virus.”

Weisgerber has also put in more than a decade of service on the ice as a hockey official. He joined the WHL for the 2018-19 WHL Regular Season and has refereed 32 WHL regular season games to date. He was also selected to work at the 2019 Canada Winter Games in Red Deer, Alta.

The 26-year-old has quickly adapted shared qualities from both of his professional roles.

“They’re both very similar in the sense that typically emotions are high, trying to be reasonable in unreasonable situations,” Weisgerber said. “You’re trying to be the calm voice out there to deescalate situations.

“The two go pretty well hand-in-hand.”

Under the tutelage of WHL Officials and other leaders in the field, Weisgerber said he’s realized a new level of importance for the work he does on the ice.

“You need to make sure that you’re doing your part too to keep the integrity of the game going and making sure you’re not the one controlling the outcome out there.”

In his community, the importance of the role has been heightened as well in a time when so many rely on first responders for assistance. When he’s pressed into action, he’s ready to help in any way he can.

“As much as we are trying to control some of the environments we are in, we are always ready to immediately help anyone in an emergency or potentially dangerous situation,” Weisgerber added. “One thing I have been proud of is the way our service and community have been working together to help each other out and navigate our way through these unique times.”

The WHL commends Constable Austin Weisgerber for his commitment to both professions as well as his contributions to protecting his local community.

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