Match on Official

For Officials in the South, Central and North Central Regions, please use the Match on Official (South) Form:


For Officials in the North, North East and Peace Regions, please use the Match on Official (North) Form:


RULE 9.6 - Physical Abuse of Official (Match Penalty on Official) and RULE 9.7 - Spitting (On an Official)

This is the most severe penalty in the rule book.

The following is a list of guidelines officials should review when determining if Rule 9.6 or 9.7 is to be enforced. Please consider the following:

  • Rule 9.2: Verbal abuse is unacceptable behavior, but it is NOT a Match.
  • Rule 6.1: If the player made an attempt to injure you, please ask yourself whether it would have been effectively covered under Rule 9.6. Verbal abuse is unacceptable behaviour, but it is not a Match Penalty.
  • Rule 9.6a: Was this verbal abuse or an actual threat of physical abuse? Please make sure.
  • Rule 9.6b: Note that this rule refers to intentionally touching, holding or pushing a referee. Please make sure that the player did not mistake you for an opposing team player.
  • Rule 9.6c: If you were struck deliberately, please make sure your description relates to this rule. Please ensure the player’s intent. This is the most severe rule - please ensure you are right.
  • Rule 9.7: Ensure this was not an accident, but was done on purpose. Report only those incidents where an official is involved, NOT player on player.