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Hockey Alberta Officials

Hockey Alberta’s Officials Committee provides oversight and monitoring of the delivery of the Hockey Canada Officiating Program within Hockey Alberta. The Committee is responsible for the administration, operational standards and development of new components regarding the officiating program in Alberta. Responsibilities include:

  • recruiting, training, mentoring, developing and evaluating officials;
  • selecting and appointing officials for all provincial, regional and national championship games/events hosted in Alberta; and
  • providing guidance and leadership on all matters pertaining to officiating with leagues, minor hockey associations and other stakeholders.

Hockey Alberta and all leagues are supportive of all officials in all capacities, and place a top priority on the safety of all participants in all hockey games and work to ensure those expectations are met in all capacities. Hockey Alberta and the leagues are an inclusive environment accepting of all potential officials from all walks of life regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation. Hockey Alberta is actively working with all leagues on promoting officials who are determined to be ready to be successful when given the opportunity to officiate at a new level.


The Officials’ Committee works in compliance with all Hockey Alberta bylaws, regulations, plans, policies and procedures. The goals and responsibilities of the Officials Committee are:

  • To oversee the recruitment, training, mentoring, development and evaluation of officials within the jurisdiction of Hockey Alberta.
  • To provide oversight and guidance to all leagues and associations on the assignment of officials.
  • To select and appoint officials for all provincial, regional and national championship games/events hosted in Alberta.
  • To supervise and classify officials for upgrades within the HCOP levels.
  • To provide oversight and guidance on all matters pertaining to officiating, providing leadership to leagues, minor hockey associations and other stakeholders.
  • To establish standards, conduct management processes and enact discipline for all officials.
  • To establish subcommittees and regions and ensure they are properly functioning and resourced.
  • To develop and maintain a recognition (awards) program that properly acknowledges the accomplishments of officials.
  • Ensure communication and consultation with other HA committees in developing and determining recommendations for improving the game.


Job descriptions can be viewed below. Please note the Provincial Chair position is a 2-year term, and not up for appointment in 2019-20.


Committee positions include (click on the title to see the job description):

Provincial Chair: Craig DeCoursey

Data Coordinator: Dave Butler

Male Development Coordinator: Colin Watt

Female Development Coordinator: Carrie Keller

Supervision Coordinator: Dave Ganley

Match Penalty Coordinator: Kumail Moledina

Leadership Coordinator: Chris Bruce

Regional Coordinators:

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